Finding a great real estate team is like finding your perfect pair of jeans. You have to try them on before you can determine if they fit. Just because someone else wears their favorite pair of jeans does not mean that they are a good look for you!

Just as with clothing, there is no way to know whether or not your local real estate team is going to work until you test out the product. By giving this new team a chance, we may just find our dream team!

It’s easy to get discouraged when things do not go your Way, but never give up trying to find a better team. There will be times when things feel more difficult than they should, but remember – it could be much worse!
You might end up being the best team member in a group of people who don’t quite work together.

Give everyone a chance to show you what they can do before making your decision.

Make a list of things that a team member should do

how to join a real estate team

It is important for members of a real estate team to know their job! What each person in the team does will determine whether or not you find a home. As such, it is very important that everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

A member of the team who is responsible for finding homes starts by looking at market data and listings online and through other channels.

He or she may also visit open houses to get a feel for the area and to see if there are any beautiful properties being left empty.

Once they have done their research, the member brings the property information back to the team so that we can discuss it. They may even contact the seller directly to make an appointment for a showing.

After the showing, the member presents his or her findings and negotiates on behalf of the group with the sellers. If necessary, he or she works with others in the team to close the deal.

Talk to your friends about who you should join with

Even if you don’t feel like talking to people, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Your colleagues are a great source of information – ask them for their advice as to which agents they have used in the past and why.

By asking around, you will also get some tips and tricks that they have learned from different brokers.

People who work in real estate know other professionals in the field, and can share important insights such as contact details or even jobs for young professionals.

If you’re looking to make changes to yourself or your career, these conversations can be very helpful!

There may be someone else out there that knows of a recruiter or broker that could use your expertise too. By being proactive about meeting people and staying in touch, you’ll find what you’re looking for sooner than you think.

Find out your team members’ preferences

how to join a real estate team

As mentioned before, being part of a real estate team comes down to knowing your teammates and what they prefer. If you are not comfortable with one particular person, then find out why! Does he or she like more money than others? Does he or she take too much responsibility away from you?

You need to know if this individual can be replaced and will be willing to work with you even after you have made plans together. This is very important as you want to make sure that their departure won’t hurt the business.

If you are able to learn all of these things about each other, then great! But remember, it would still be smart to keep some distance until you are confidant with each other.

Running into someone you know well in the workplace can sometimes be tricky because people say things they don’t mean and vice versa. It may also be hard to tell how much friendship really exists beyond the job.

Be honest with your partner about your interest in joining together

how to join a real estate team

It’s totally okay if you feel conflicted when it comes to wanting to join a team. There is no wrong way to be, so don’t worry too much about what others might think of you.

As hard as this may be, try not to compare yourself to other agents. Their success will definitely influence how you perform as an agent, but only for the very end.

At the end of the day, you have to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed before people will truly trust you.

Don’t expect anyone else to do that for you – unless they are willing to help you achieve your real estate career goals. That’s why it’s important to know who around you has succeeded in the business and can give you tips, tricks, and lessons.

Decide if you will work exclusively with the other team members or not

how to join a real estate team

It is important to know what kind of working style you have before deciding whether to join a real estate team. If you feel that you need more individualized attention, perhaps as an agent owner/broker, professional soloist, or someone who enjoys being in the spotlight, then this may be your career choice.

As a member of a real estate team, you will likely spend much of your time working alongside others. You can expect to meet new people every day, advance through the ranks quickly, and gain experience from all around you.

However, just because there are going to be lots of people around you does not mean that personable interactions will happen frequently. In fact, it’s possible that at times you will feel very alone.

That’s why it’s important to determine how well you handle relationships and teamwork.

Approach your team members and let them know you are interested

how to join a real estate team

It’s important to approach your team with confidence, as they may not readily accept your candidacy unless they feel like they can trust you. If you make friends easily, then go ahead and do that! But if you take a little more time to get to know people, you will find that some took a while to warm up but once they did, they were very loyal to you.

And remember, even if someone doesn’t seem to be friendly towards you at first, don’t discount their friendship; it might just be because they didn’t want to be bothered by you.

Ask for their recommendations

how to join a real estate team

The hardest part about being a member of a real estate team is figuring out who you need to ask for help. You should never be too shy or nervous to approach someone in business, especially if they’ve got lots of money involved!

By this I mean that as a broker, agent, or manager you must build relationships with others in your profession.

It will make your job much easier when you are working with them directly, and as such, indirect ways to get work done include asking colleagues, friends, and superiors for referrals.

Their references speak highly of them makes it very likely that they’ll agree to send you their client list or at least tell you who else they think you should contact.

Check the local real estate boards for listings

how to join a real estate team

The best way to find an open position with a real estate team is by checking your local real estate board(s) for listing advertisements or opportunities. There are many free online tools that can help you do this quickly., Zillow, and Redfin are some of the most popular sites that feature active job openings from all over the country. By searching through their employment section, you’ll be able to choose whether to apply directly via their site, through a jobs aggregator (such as Monster, Career Builder, or Simply Hired), or even call and speak with someone at the company about the opportunity!

There are also several other resources available to assist in finding a real estate team. The National Association of Realtors has helpful tips for anyone looking to start a career in real estate. They offer educational programs, business networking events, and even a mentorship program!

The organization likewise offers a professional certification exam for agents wishing to become certified. While not required, being professionally certified will give you more credibility in the field and potentially expose you to higher paying positions.


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