Learning how to draw fashion is an ever-expanding field that shifts with new technology. Technically, you do not need formal art training or education in design to learn how to create looks for online shopping sites and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

However, it is helpful to have some knowledge of drawing and designing before jumping into creating your own lookbook style designs. Luckily, you can find free resources anywhere from YouTube videos to courses on various digital art platforms.

There are several ways to learn this craft, so here are some tips as to which one may be best for you! Keep reading to learn more about them. We’ve also included some sources below.

Read constantly

how to learn digital fashion illustration

Learning how to draw is always a nice way to start out your fashion illustration career. But what most people don’t realize is that you can actually learn quite a bit by looking at, studying, and drawing from other artists’ work.

There are many resources available for us digital fashion illustrators to enjoy. Some of these include: magazines, blogs, YouTube videos, and even books!

By reading and analyzing existing works, our own creative skills are improved because we have to process all of this information in order to understand it. And then once we have, we can apply those concepts into our own style or create new ones!

Reading about artistic styles and techniques can also be very inspiring as you gain knowledge around the craft. Many times, famous designers would share their secrets with the public via articles and interviews.

Practice drawing

how to learn digital fashion illustration

One of the most important things that can help you learn how to draw fashion is practicing your hand, eye, and mind coordination. There are many ways to do this!

You can take traditional art classes or find online courses that focus on illustration. Many colleges offer courses in digital design or web design that could include some drawing lessons as well.

By taking our time to practice drawing from any source, you will improve your skills and add to your portfolio. And while it may not be considered “traditional” art, there are plenty of ways to use drawing to hone your artistic talents.

There are even apps that have you create designs using pre-designed shapes and styles that you edit and combine to make your own. You can also create your own style with clever juxtapositions of colors and textures.

Create a creative workspace

In addition to having access to your computer, you will want to create a comfortable space where you can easily organize all of your supplies and tools.

You do not need a large studio-sized room for this! A table or shelf in your bedroom, or even just an empty area of wall are enough space to start.

If there is already some kind of artwork or decoration in that area, great! But if not, don’t worry about it—you will be able to find one somewhere near you.

Many people use their laptops as their main device when they edit pictures so using a bedside table or nightstand is perfect. If nothing like that exists, then make yourself a little desk next to your laptop.

Practice drawing different subjects

how to learn digital fashion illustration

A very important part of learning any new skill is practicing your skills, and digital fashion illustration is no exception! You will want to make sure you are practicing your hand-drawing and painting techniques as well as looking into how others have done it.

There are many ways to learn digital fashion illustration, so which one is right for you really depends on what kind of learner you are. Some people find visual examples helpful while other students prefer reading instructional material or listening to tutorials. It all depends on what style you like and what level you are at currently.

But no matter what method you choose, keep practicing, practice, and more practicing! That’s the best way to get better at anything. And when you feel ready, try switching up your practices to see what works for you.

Invest in good quality pens and pencils

how to learn digital fashion illustration

Pencils are usually considered to be a cheap way to start drawing, but they can be fun and helpful when used properly. Most digital artists use either a 0-1B brush or a 1-8b brush for most of their drawings. A very popular type of illustration is still painting!

By starting with a good quality mechanical pencil, you will have just as many options as those that buy more expensive types. They are slightly less intuitive than gel brushes, however!

Some brands seem to feature really poor quality lead which could potentially cause health issues down the road. Make sure to check out some reviews before buying one.

Get a good lighting setup

how to learn digital fashion illustration

A very important part of learning any artistic skill is having the right equipment! Lighting is one of the most fundamental things you will need as an illustrator.

Digital fashion illustration is no different-lighting is what makes your images look authentic and well done. There are many ways to light someone’s dress, but for general guidelines we can start with natural light.

Natural light comes from the sun or other external sources, such as lamps. This is usually the best choice unless there is no source available, in which case you should use artificial light instead.

Artificial lights are ones that are plugged into a power supply, such as a wall socket. They vary in intensity, color temperature (warm vs cold), and shape (fluorescent bulbs versus tungsten). The intensity and color temperature are key factors in choosing your lighting scheme.

General tips: Use less than 10% natural light when drawing clothes, otherwise it may become too dark. You also want to make sure none of the light is coming directly overhead as this could cause shadows that do not look attractive.

Learn to use Photoshop and other editing programs

how to learn digital fashion illustration

Finding your style is more than just picking up some products and putting them together, it is creating looks with textures, colors, shapes, and of course, features such as logos and fonts!

Interior or fashion design students can learn how to create their own look by learning how to edit pictures in photoshop and other editing software.

They can take an item, delete parts of it, add new pieces to it, or completely remake it. By doing this, they find ways to add different styles to the picture or bring out new details that were hiding.

These artists make their living designing clothing so there are many free resources online for beginners.

Learn to use different patterns

how to learn digital fashion illustration

When it comes down to it, digital fashion illustration is all about using various pattern types to create your looks. There are many ways to learn how to draw these patterns, but the easiest way to start is by learning how to draw circles!

Circle shapes make up one of the most basic pattern types in fashion design. Circles can be drawn with a circle brush or by drawing lines around an oval shape.

By practicing both methods, you’ll soon find yourself creating beautiful designs made out almost exclusively of circles and ovals!

There are several easy ways to learn how to draw simple circle patterns. You can look through online tutorials, experiment with painting with markers and paper, or try making doodles. By practicing your hand-eye coordination and thinking creatively, you’ll quickly pick up some basics for digital fashion illustration.


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