A digital zine is an easy way to start your creative career or re-launch your artistic expression. They are also a great way to add some new depth to your self-expression as they do not require very much time or money.

Making your own zine allows you to control what content goes in it and gives you the chance to include things that matter to you such as pictures, stories, and poems.

This article will go into more detail about how to make your first digital zine! Read on for all the tips.

Plan your zine

how to make a digital zine

Before you start creating your digital zine, you must plan out what content you will include! What kind of stories do you want to tell? What messages do you want to convey?

You can use your own experiences as material for your zine or you can find inspiring stories and add your commentary onto them. Either way, keep in mind that your readers will be able to read your zine whether it is online or not, so make sure everything is appropriate before submitting.

Write your zine

how to make a digital zine

The next step in making your digital zine is to write your content. You can either do this yourself or you can ask someone who knows better than you what things are needed!

If you’re more artistic, then there are many free resources available online that can help get you started. There are even some great apps designed for creating writing pieces as well!

Alternatively, if you know other people who make similar products, see whether they have any tips or tricks they would share with the public.

Publish your zine

how to make a digital zine

Now that you have spent some time creating your zine, it is time to publish it! Most websites offer free publishing options where you can create an account and then you are able to upload and edit your work. Some even have easy drag-and-drop feature to put your cover up and make changes to the content.

Many sites also offer more advanced features such as designing your own covers, linking back to your website or social media accounts, and being easily re-sizable so they do not look bad on different size screens.

These services usually take a small amount of money per month to continue using their service, but this cost is very reasonable. I would say around $10-$20 per month if you are looking to grow your digital art career.

Connect with other zine makers

how to make a digital zine

As we’ve mentioned, making your own print magazine is possible in any medium! With that being said, it’s very helpful to connect with like-minded individuals who create digital zines. You can do this by creating an Instagram account for your artistic style or genre, creating a Tumblr page dedicated to printed magazines or even starting your own printing business so you can produce and distribute your own print media.

By supporting others in our field, we’re able to share knowledge and resources with one another which helps us all grow as artists. It also raises awareness for the craft so more people will come out and explore it.

And don’t forget, if you are ever looking for some help, there are always online communities available where you can find creative inspiration and/or get professional editing and proofreading services.

Follow Instagram and Twitter for inspiration

how to make a digital zine

Following other zinesters’ work is an excellent way to get inspired and learn how to do your own thing. By looking at their accounts you will see what content they use in their books, pictures of things they include and whether or not they are promotional or not.

Zines often feature interviews, stories, recipes, DIYs and general life lessons so there is something for everyone!

Many people have made successful zines which means you can pick up some tips by studying theirs. People who make zines are very open about them so we can also watch YouTube videos or read blogs to find out more.

There are many free tools available such as Indipendible Press (for creating your book) and Canva (to edit and design your book). Both of these have plenty of tutorials that show you everything from how to create your book to how to publish it.

Use Pinterest for design inspiration

how to make a digital zine

While making your zine, you will want to be very inspired by what genre of digital art or how they designed their own books. There are many ways to make an artistic book that does not require any special equipment.

Any device with internet access can be used to publish your zine. This includes laptops, phones, and iPads.

You do not have to use all white text and images if you do not like those styles, there are several free software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint that allow you to do this.

There are also many online tools where people create and share content, such as Tumblr and Blogger.

Use YouTube for crafting tips

how to make a digital zine

If you are more familiar with using Photoshop or other design software, then making your own digital zines is not too difficult. You can create yours completely in that program, but it is also easy to use another tool to make them!

There are many free resources available on YouTube that teach people of all levels how to make their own zines. Many of these individuals have their own website and/or social media accounts where they share even more information about creating your own style and what programs work best.

They may even offer services to help you spread your creative self-expression online by offering premium accounts or paid content on their sites.

Encourage others to start a zine

how to make a digital zine

Starting your own digital zine is not too difficult or expensive, and you do not need any formal writing skills to get started! If you have an idea that you want to promote, then starting to make your own zine is the next best step.

There are many ways to go about it. You can use free platforms to create your zine, or you can pay for more professional services. No matter what level you are at, creating your own magazine is a fun way to show off your creativity and self-expression.

Many people begin by making short notes or posts on social media before moving onto longer pieces. By having a variety of length pieces, your audience will be able to find something they like!

Your fellow writers, artists, and designers are a great source of inspiration as well. Many online communities exist where you can share your ideas and tips with other creative individuals.


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