Creating digital art is a fun way to express yourself or give an artistic look to something you are creating! It’s easy to start making artwork by experimenting with styles, colors, and textures.

There are many ways to get into doing digital art. You can create your own style and trends, use existing materials and designs as templates, or find new material to add to the collection.

In this article, we will go over some basics of how to make digital art in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We will also take a closer look at some cool tools that can help you bring your creativity to life.

Don’t worry – these two applications are both free to download from the software library! If you already have a license for one of them, feel free to skip down to the “Step 2: Create Your Base Layer” section now.

We will assume you are familiar with using either application before coming here, but if not, don’t fret! There are lots of online resources and beginner tutorials available. Many people begin learning digital arts by starting with simple pictures or patterns.

Find your inspiration

how to make digital art in illustrator

A great way to begin making art is by looking into different styles, artists, and mediums. You don’t need an artistic bone in your body for this!

There are so many ways to get inspired. You can visit museums, study old masters, read books, watch documentaries, and listen to music. Any of these will give you ideas and tips for creating your own artwork.

Artists go through various stages as they develop their skills, so there are always new things being innovated. Looking into the works of past generations can help you see how they built upon earlier techniques and tools to arrive at the final product.

Finding your inner artist comes down to exposing yourself to lots of creative materials and techniques. Once you have, you’ll be able to combine them together to make something beautiful that sets you apart from others.

Learn the basics of vector shapes

how to make digital art in illustrator

It is very common to find digital artists that are very talented, but they lack the fundamentals of creating art. They may have some skills like painting or drawing, but nothing more than that.

If you want to become an artist, you must first learn how to draw. You can then move onto illustrating books, comics, or other artistic projects.

Illustrating is also a great way to hone your creativity as there are no rules about what you can put into your artwork. You can create anything from still life pictures to landscapes to portraits!

There are many ways to get started with illustration. Some people start by doing caricatures, which are humorous drawings. Others begin with simple geometric patterns or shaded images before moving onto something fancier.

Whatever style you choose to pursue, it should be done with passion. If you love what you do, then things will go much better for you.

Vector graphics are the most fundamental form of digital art. These types of files are made up of little pieces or vectors that work together to make up the picture.

You can use these pieces to make almost any type of image you could possibly imagine- even ones that contain text! By learning the basics of vector shapes, you’ll know enough to get yourself started.

Practice drawing a face

how to make digital art in illustrator

A very popular way to create beautiful digital art is by creating still life scenes or landscapes where nothing moves except for your artwork.

Still lifes are pretty much all objects, but not necessarily people. Landscapes typically have nature as one of the components.

By learning how to draw a perfect human head, you can then apply that knowledge to other shapes and things such as trees and rocks.

Practice drawing a few different facial expressions such as a surprised look, an angry looking face, and so on.

Take your time, use a smooth brush tool (like a round or square lasso) and make sure everything looks natural!
You do not need to go beyond just simple shapes, but it is helpful to know what those are before moving onto more complex ones.

After you’re able to achieve the desired effect, you can either trace over this new shape layer or type out the words and effects yourself and edit them later.

Learn some easy textures

how to make digital art in illustrator

Textural styles are one of the most important things to learn as an artist. They play a major role in defining how your artwork looks and touches upon different texture types.

Texture is defined as any pattern or irregular surface that something has. For example, if you took a look at the wall behind me, what element made it look like there were patterns all over it?

It’s the floor and ceiling! – those two elements have very smooth surfaces which create the effect of a continuous pattern everywhere you look.

If you picked up a piece of furniture from the room, what kind of material would it be? Probably solid white or black since they’re not too rich or elaborate.

That’s why computer artists use simple shades for backgrounds and figures; they want people to focus on the design of the person or object being depicted rather than the background.

And now let’s take a look at some digital art examples! I will only talk about them in English, but these artists probably speak more than one language…

The first thing we will do is add some basic shapes to establish our canvas and figure out where our text box will go.

Next, we can choose between either using Photoshop’s stock tools or third party applications to apply textures to our image.

Create your first image using shapes

how to make digital art in illustrator

In art, there are three main components: colors, lines, and shape or form. Artists use these tools to express their creativity and convey their messages.

Digital artists start off with colors before moving onto drawing lines and making shapes. This article will go into more detail about how to begin creating digital artwork by learning how to create beautiful color schemes in Adobe Photoshop or similar software and then developing your painting skills by practicing some basic techniques.

After that, it’s time to learn how to draw lines and make shapes! You can either do this manually or use special line and object drawing applications that help you achieve this quickly and easily.

This article will discuss the latter- creative apps like Adobe Kuler which allow you to develop your artistic talents by designing and applying color schemes, linework, and other styles in them.

Use the Pen tool to draw

how to make digital art in illustrator

When creating artwork for digital media, artists usually start with an initial shape or template. Then they use this shape as their platform to create more detailed illustrations or designs.

The easiest way to begin is by using the Pen tool to make your first line. By holding down the shift key while drawing, the tool will give you very fine control over how thin or thick the lines are.

Once you have drawn your line, press enter (or choose Create Outline) to make it thicker. Now that you know how to add some basic shapes to your art, you can start experimenting with different styles and themes.

Use the Brush tool to paint

how to make digital art in illustrator

Another way to create digital art is using the Brushes tool in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can use this tool to create beautiful designs by painting textures, shapes, and patterns onto your canvas.

The brushes available in Photoshop and AI are quite extensive- there are even ones that let you edit the brush shape after it has been used! This gives you great freedom to express yourself creatively.

There are two main reasons why artists use brushes. First, they are very cost effective as you do not need to buy expensive software like photoshop to use them. Second, some people find them more intuitive than other tools so it is easier to learn how to use them.

Digital artist Sean McMillen uses brushes frequently in his artwork. He creates beautifully painted landscapes and seascapes which he then manipulates and adds effects to. You can check out some of his work on his website here.

Use the Eraser tool to erase

how to make digital art in illustrator

The first way to make your own designs is to start with an existing design and then add or take away pieces of it or use it as a template!

This can be done by copying and pasting parts into your new illustration, using styles for color matching, or looking at templates online or in app stores.

By starting with something that has already been designed, you get to use their tools to create your own version of the image!

There are many ways to begin making digital art, one being learning how to draw. Once you have drawn some basic shapes and lines, you can move onto experimenting with colors and textures.

You can find lots of tutorials and resources for both on YouTube, Google, and other websites. Some people even upload their work so you can see what techniques they used.


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