Creating digital illustrations comes down to using various styles of drawing, painting or crafting concepts. When it comes to pictures, there are two main types of images: still photos and moving photographs.

Still photos are great because you can easily edit them and add additional decorations to emphasize certain parts of the image. This is useful when trying to create an illustrative picture that includes detailed information or emphasis on a specific part of the image.

Moving images are different than still photos because they are designed to be seen in motion. Films and documentaries use this style of imagery frequently.

This type of photograph is very interesting to study as we have access to technology that allows us to produce them quickly and efficiently. Many artists and designers learn how to do this eventually.

It is not difficult to achieve quality moving photographic artwork if you know the basics of Photoshop and other similar software.

Create a sketch of your illustration

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Now that you have your main element, it’s time to create a supporting or background element for your design. This second element will play a big role in helping people recognize and understand the image!

The first thing you should do is choose an area of the picture that contains important background information. For our example, we chose a section of the painting where Anastasia sits with her doll.

After choosing this area, it’s very easy to start creating your own version of the image. You can use the same colors as the original, but mixed together slightly so they don’t look exactly like the originals.

Your new element can be anything- a flower, a square shape, or even something weird and crazy! Keep experimenting until you get a feel for how to combine shapes and textures into one beautiful piece.

Colour your sketch

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Choosing your colour palette is an integral part of creating digital illustrations. There are two main reasons to do this! The first is so you can see what color looks good, and then you can use that as a basis for choosing other things like shapes, styles, or even photos to add into your design.

The second is so you know what colors look good together. This way you’d have some foundations to work from when designing more elaborate images later.

In both cases, there are several ways to choose your colours. You can pick them randomly, systematically, or using a template. And don’t worry about being too literal with it! Figuring out which shades go well together is an element in its own right.

This article will talk about how to use color in drawing, painting, and graphics software such as Photoshop and Gimp. But keeping these principles in mind can apply to any type of art.

Outline your illustration

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Now that you have your photo, you will need to outline your digital art. What kind of style do you want to create? Are you looking for something with lots of detail or is it more simplified?

You can choose from many different styles such as realism, cartoonist, illustrator, etc.!

There are several good resources online where you can learn how to draw in various styles. You should look into those so that you know what tools are used to create each type of artwork!

Once you have determined the style, you must determine what medium you will use to complete your design. Will it be pencils, pens, markers, Photoshop, or another tool?

Finding the right balance of materials depends on the length of the design as well as the final product. Some designers may start with pen and paper first to get some basic shapes before moving onto the computer.

Finish your illustration

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Now that you have learned how to take a good picture, it is time to put all of those pictures together into an illustrative piece!

When taking your pictures, try to use natural light or appropriate lighting equipment. This will make your pictures more interesting and keep up with the trend towards greener, eco-friendly living.

After your photo has been edited properly, it is time to choose where to place this new image. You can upload and print off your digital artwork from many online sources such as Google Images or Adobe Stock.

These sites offer various ways to get credit for your work, so be sure to check out these features before creating and publishing! Some may even allow you to create an account and access some paid resources directly through their site as well.

Find inspiration for your illustration

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Finding inspiration is one of the most important parts of creating digital illustrations. You do not have to be trained in art to create beautiful looking designs, so do not feel that you are limited to artistic skills when it comes to designing your pictures.

There are many ways to get inspired by different styles, media, and subjects. Take a look at other artists’ work, read about inspiring design concepts, and watch YouTube videos with beauty or fashion tips.

Take time to analyse their style and what inspires them – maybe something totally unrelated will give you new ideas!

Inter-disciplinary studies such as art teach you how to use various tools and techniques to achieve an end result, which can help you in this process. Art students are constantly being exposed to new styles, shapes, and textures, which can aid you in finding new inspirations.

Reading business books and marketing materials can also inspire you. There are lots of creative strategies used in advertising and marketing every year, so studying these may provide some insights into how you could implement similar ones onto your own website or product.

No matter what genre of art you love, there are always new developments and trends happening. Check out sites like Pinterest and Google Trends to stay up to date on what people are talking about.

Blogs and social media pages are great sources of information because they feature examples of artist creations and things they announced.

Learn to use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

In this article, we will be looking at how to take a still picture and turn it into an illustrative piece of art.

There are many ways to do this, but one of our favorites is to learn how to create digital illustrations in either Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Both programs allow you to add shapes, textures, and decorations to your artwork. By learning these software packages, you can pick them up very quickly!

You will also have access to a wide range of pre-made graphics and stock photos that you can easily edit and combine to make new pieces.

Here are some examples of what you could create with these tools.

Use a different background

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

Choosing a new background is an easy way to add some diversity to your digital illustrations. There are many ways to do this, so feel free to be creative!

You can use another part of the image as a background or even combine two images into one. It does not need to be totally unrelated but it should match the rest of the piece.

Try looking through our collection of vector backgrounds here at Adobe Stock- we have them in lots of styles, colors, and shapes.

Think about the story your illustration is telling

how to turn a photo into a digital illustration

When creating an illustrative photo, there’s something that sets them apart from other types of images — they tell a story.

Photos with narratives are very popular these days. People take more and more photos every day and then they edit and enhance those photos using software programs like Photoshop or Snapseed.

Many people enjoy editing photographs so much that it becomes their creative outlet. Others make use of photography in advertising, marketing materials, and stories that they read or listen to.

Digital artists have made taking, enhancing, and manipulating pictures into art forms. It is now possible to create beautifully stylized illustrations and animations almost exclusively within the realm of computer technology.

Here are some tips for how to turn a plain old photograph into an artistic masterpiece.


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