What are your goals in life?

Of course, without knowing how to reach the goal, you are unlikely to become successful at reaching it.

How successful can you become if you do not have any goals?

Most people need help making their goals work. I, however, like to find ways to make my goals work without outside help.

The idea behind my article is that the most successful people in this world think differently from the average person.

They look for shortcuts to make reaching their goals easier. It is to their advantage that you learn how to do the same.

Goal-setting is a skill you must learn

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I have come to believe that to make your goals effectively, you need to be able to identify and achieve the objective.

You need to be able to do this in a short time. Once you succeed in accomplishing the objective, the next step is to adjust the next objective.

That is how you achieve short-term goals. You then adjust the next objective and so on.

Each successive step is gradually adjusted to the last, to make sure that you are always reaching your targets.

As the attainment of the first objective becomes easier and is accepted by you as a part of your daily life, you are on the road to the attainment of the next objective.

How do you know if you are on the right track or not?

There are two ways in which you can identify if you are on the right track or not.

One, if the results of what you do fit in with the objective of your goal.

This means that your actions lead to achieving the objective in the short term.

You can ask yourself, “Do the results of what I do work with my goal in the long term?”

If the answers are no, you have to backtrack. Your actions will have to be adjusted. The steps you have taken will have to be changed.

If the answers are yes, then you have just identified the right direction.

You can now prepare to go in that direction and then adjust the next step in the process as you go along.

You may need to tweak your actions

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There are often steps that you must take in the right direction but these may not be in the ideal direction.

There are times when you have to tweak your action a bit to get the desired results.

That is what I do. I tweak my actions to make sure that I am on the right track.

The action I must take to reach my long-term goal may not be in line with what I need to do now.

But I do it anyway because that is the only way I can achieve my goal.

There is no shortcut to success

You must have already thought about this question: is there a shortcut to success? There is no shortcut to success.

The process of reaching your goal is tedious and hard. It is not easy and requires years of hard work.

Success does not come easily. It is possible to be successful in the short term, but that is not sufficient for the long term.

Without learning how to set goals and following through with your actions, you are likely to be unsuccessful.

Some people may be successful in the short term, but their long-term goals are not achieved.

I have to conclude that they are unsuccessful and don’t know how to make their goals work.

They are not in tune with the process of goal setting. They are not fit for goal-setting.

Their success will not lead to a happy and successful life.

The people who are fit for goal setting are those who set short-term goals and accomplish them.

In this article, I have discussed how to set goals and how to follow up with the actions required to achieve them.

You are likely to achieve your short-term goals easier if you adopt these practices.

How you set and manage goals is as important as what you set your goals for

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If you want to reach your long-term goal faster, follow these steps:

  • Analyze your current situation
  • Set short-term goals to make it easier for you to reach your long-term goals
  • Record everything you do daily to track your progress and measure your success
  • Set a realistic goal

It is necessary to set a realistic goal so you won’t be discouraged if you do not achieve it in a year or two.

Setting a goal in a lofty manner will not help you much.

Set a realistic goal. Make sure that it is something that you can achieve.

Do not set your goals too high

Don’t make your goal unrealistically high and be disappointed.

Set your goal for a year from now and follow through with your actions.

Keep evaluating your progress every month and adjust the goal to get closer to your long-term goal.

What about you? How do you set goals and follow up with them?


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