Welcome to our newest venture, l’Atelier Cooking Classes in London!

Unleash your inner chef in this professional-level culinary experience that we’ve crafted just for you. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a novice in the kitchen, our hands-on approach makes complex dishes feel simple and achievable.

Each class is guided by a world-class chef, with a strong commitment to sharing their expertise in a fun and engaging way. They bring cooking to life, whether you want to master the basics, unearth the secrets of world cuisines, or even take your dishes from good to great.

With l’Atelier, you’re not just learning to cook, you’re unlocking a world of culinary adventures.

Learn About the Founder and Instructors

l'atelier cooking classes london

Meet Jane Langdon, founder and head instructor of l’Atelier Cooking Classes, London. With a prestigious culinary education from the Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Jane expanded her skills through intensive training across Europe.

Renowned for her inventive fusion style, Jane has bestowed her culinary know-how and passion to l’Atelier. An inherent teacher, Jane believes that learning to cook possesses transformative power.

To complement Jane’s expertise, junior instructors Tiya and Marco bring a unique exuberance to classes. Tiya, a pastry prodigy, showcases the art of perfect patisserie while Marco, with his Italian lineage, breathes life into traditional Italian cuisine.

The team is united by a shared vision – to inspire one to cook with love, celebrate food, and create many delicious memories. At l’Atelier, it’s more than just cooking; it’s fostering an enduring relationship with food.

Overview of Courses Provided at l’Atelier

l'atelier cooking classes london

At l’Atelier Cooking Classes London, we offer an extensive range of culinary courses designed to meet all skill levels. Our highly trained professionals offer interactive guidance to our clients in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art kitchen.

For beginners, we have ‘Introduction to French Cuisine’ and ‘Basics of Baking’. These classes focus on teaching foundational culinary skills. For the more adept, we provide advanced courses like ‘Exquisite Pastries’ and ‘Gourmet French Cooking’.

We also offer a unique experience with our ‘Spotlight on Seafood’ and ‘Wine and Dine’ classes. Here, the focus is on cooking and pairing specific types of food and drinks.

At l’Atelier Cooking Classes, we blend learning with entertainment to offer an enjoyable experience. Join us and hone your culinary skills in a friendly, professional environment.

What Makes l’Atelier Unique?

l'atelier cooking classes london

There’s an indescribable charm that surrounds l’Atelier Cooking Classes London. It’s not just a cooking class, it’s a culinary experience.

At l’Atelier, it’s not just about learning recipes, but also honing culinary techniques, understanding ingredients and most importantly, cultivating a love for cooking. Unlike other generic cooking classes, here, each session is expertly designed to develop both your skills and palate.

The unique aspect that sets l’Atelier apart is their approach. They believe that cooking isn’t a chore, but an art. An art that everyone should experience and enjoy. This ideology is reflected in their courses, which are meticulously planned, yet seamlessly flexible.

Their experienced chefs hail from renowned culinary institutions, bringing expertise and passion to each class. l’Atelier isn’t just a cooking class. It’s a space to learn, create, and appreciate the culinary world. A place where food transforms into an art form. That’s what makes l’Atelier unique.

Experience of Previous Participants

l'atelier cooking classes london

With a plethora of previous participants, it’s compelling to note the experiences they’ve had at l’Atelier Cooking Classes.

There’s something magic about making a palpable connection with food, say our former students. They’ve shared how they’ve left their sessions feeling confident, empowered, but most importantly, excited to take their new skill set home and make every meal an event to look forward to.

A myriad of testimonials recount how professional our teachers are — their vast culinary knowledge, patient style, and ability to make classes engaging, led to an unparalleled learning experience.

Joy, passion, and enthusiasm – that’s what resonates when they think back to their time spent in our kitchen, proving that l’Atelier indeed lives up to its professional brand.

From novices to experienced chefs, the consensus is clear – our classes have transformed their kitchen experience.

Skill Levels Catered at l’Atelier

l'atelier cooking classes london

At l’Atelier, we cater to all skill levels in our cooking classes, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned gourmet.

You’ve never cooked before? No problem. Our expert chefs will guide you step by step, introducing you to basic kitchen tools, ingredients, and simple techniques. You’ll build confidence and gain a foundation in culinary arts in no time.

Already experienced in the kitchen but looking to expand your repertoire? We’ve got you covered. Delve into specialized cuisines, sophisticated techniques, or focused subjects like pastry or sauces. Our advanced courses will challenge you and bring your culinary skills to the next level.

All are welcome at l’Atelier, and we ensure that everyone can learn, grow and experience the joy of cooking, regardless of their beginning skill level.

Diversity and Variety of Dishes Taught

l'atelier cooking classes london

At l’Atelier, you aren’t restricted by boundaries or barriers, our focus is on teaching a diverse array of dishes to suit every palate. Room for your culinary exploration is limitless, offered in spades by our expansive library of mouth-watering global cuisine.

We savour the challenge of introducing novices to the intricacies of Thai curries, the delicate balance of Chinese five-spice, or the punchy flavours of Mexican chilli. Our expert chefs patiently guide you through unfamiliar techniques, ensuring you become adept at crafting each dish.

Not just bound by global flavours, we appreciate seasonal ingredients too, reflecting UK’s culinary evolution. Whether it’s whipping up a traditional casserole in winter or a light salad for the summer, we prepare you to create a year-round menu.

Diversity isn’t just our philosophy, it’s our promise; so take the leap, and let your taste buds explore the world at l’Atelier cooking classes in London.

Pricing and Session Schedules

l'atelier cooking classes london

At l’Atelier, our cooking classes are meticulously designed to cater to both, your skills and schedule.

Given their exclusivity, they are competitively priced at £120 per individual, per class. This includes all ingredients as well as your very own cooking station.

We host two sessions weekly, each extending up to 3 hours. Wednesday evenings from 6 pm to 9 pm are meant for beginners, and Saturday afternoons from 2 pm to 5 pm are ideal for advanced learners.

We understand your busy schedules, therefore, we also offer flexible booking options. You can choose to attend a single class or can book a series of six classes at a discounted price of £600.

Please note, all our classes require pre-booking at least a week in advance. Limited spots are available, so book your classes today and master the art of fine cooking at l’Atelier.

How to Make Booking for Classes

Making a booking for our l’Atelier cooking classes in London is a simple and streamlined process.

Start by visiting our website. On the homepage, you’ll find the ‘Book a Class’ button on the top right corner.

Once clicked, you’ll enter a page filled with diverse cooking class options. Browse through the available classes, and when you find your preferred one, click on ‘Book Now’.

Specify the date, time, and number of participants. Once filled, click on ‘Add to Cart’.

Review your selection, and when you’re satisfied, proceed to checkout. You can make payment using any of major credit or debit cards.

An email confirmation will be sent to you once the booking is complete.


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