This article will talk you through some of the best real estate shows that are currently airing on Netflix. Some of these show can be binge watched, so even if you don’t have time to watch every episode immediately, you can still get value from them!

Many people enjoy watching TV shows for their entertainment value. There are many ways to gain knowledge and insights from different programs, but not all of those tools work for everyone.

That is why we created this list here at The Smart Investor. We have curated this list to include only valuable lessons that apply to anyone’s personal investing strategy. If you are looking to learn more about investing or just want to laugh out loud, look into one of these five shows next!

Links to each show’s page on Netflix will be included below – make sure to check them out after reading our review! For an in-depth analysis of what makes each show special, keep reading. You won’t find any fluff here -only practical applications.

Netflix Sex, Drugs, and Cocaine

netflix show real estate

There are several ways that people gain access to expensive real estate through their professions or entertainment industries. A lot of it comes down to who your friends are and whether they’re able to help you.

If you’re not careful, you can end up owning a house paid for by someone else!

Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers different levels of membership depending on how much money you have spent on Amazon products and subscriptions already.

Some members pay an annual fee while others are asked to spend more per month. All members receive unlimited movie watching but other features like some special discounts may be available to those that dedicate more to the company.

It is common to see influencers get free or discounted things from companies because of their popularity. These brands make use of this by advertising using these individuals as ambassadors for the product.

By having them use the product, it helps promote the brand and increases sales. This is why most people have heard of the term ‘influencer marketing�’ – it is a powerful tool.

Netflix The Underground Railroad

In The Underground Railroa, we are exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles of people of color. We get to see how they navigate through this system that is not only built upon white supremacy but also classism.

We learn about how social inequality creates conditions for more oppression. This way, it perpetuates itself and helps no one but the few at the top. These individuals use their status to take advantage of others.

The show touches on this idea when Tito addresses his son about being careful who you associate with because “powerful” people can hurt you. He tells him if he doesn’t like someone then don’t hang around them or go out with them, just walk away.

Tito knows what it means to be discriminated against and exploited due to your race and socioeconomic status so he makes sure Zuri understands that there are power relationships in place even among adults. His son needs to understand that you need to be smart and aware of your surroundings and risk factors so you do not get involved in anything too serious- especially as a young person.

Netflix You’re Not You

netflix show real estate

As we know, media has an incredible influence on us. What kind of messages we get can sometimes have profound effects on how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. A popular television show that teaches universal lessons such as “life is hard, but you are worth it because people will always help you” may be able to change your perception of what it means to be worthy.

Many teens and young adults have lost faith in the system this lesson represents. Systems emphasize efficiency and practicality rather than compassion and understanding. People who are part of the system are only looking out for themselves whereas earlier generations understood that others were also trying to do their best.

The setting of the story removes any pretense or sympathy for the characters. They spend most of the time being self-centered and cynical. If anything they learn is worth learning it is from other people even if they don’t like them.

Netflix The Kingdom

netflix show real estate

This show follows three young professionals as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate through various transactions. They are also tasked with trying to figure out who their true friends are in this high pressure environment.

The show is very entertaining to watch because it features different types of real estate agents, including some that are very professional and business like while others try to be too cool for school and go all “bro” style on buyers and sellers.

There are times when one agent will try something that is clearly unethical or illegal but instead of apologizing and changing their behavior, they will back pedal and claim that it was just for shock value. These individuals put themselves above anyone else which is not good at the end of the day.

This article will talk more about the dangers of using a family member as your personal representative if you die. But before we get into that, let us look at how ethically trained real estate agents are in The Kingdom.

Mostly people watching this show assume that any ethical issues come from the agents that work for big brokerage companies where most of them have been professionally trained. However, there are many cases where small scale residential Realtors use questionable practices as well.

Netflix Stranger Things

netflix show real estate

The show that has people talking is not new, but it is definitely one of your must watch favorites. Created by the writing team of the movie Monster Trucks, the hit series Strangers Things premiered in July 2016 with I don’t know what to make of it kind of introduction.

The show follows eight teenagers who stumble upon an eerie community outside of town where they find a cabin full of toys and decorations left for them. They soon learn about this place called “the Upside-Down” which seems to be connected to their own home base through some sort of portal or entrance.

Through various events, fights, and revelations, these kids discover that there might be something supernatural happening in their small hometown!


Is It Just A Ghost Story?

It is very hard to describe how much laughter and heart this show delivers throughout its ten episode run. While many TV shows use shock value to draw viewers in, this show does things so much further than that.

This show will really challenge you as far as believing in paranormal activity and gravity. At times, it can feel like nothing happens per say, but at the same time, everything comes together beautifully.

While the story may seem childish at first, it gets more serious as it goes along. People talk about the characters and how real they are while also exploring darker themes such as death and grief.

Netflix The OA

netflix show real estate

Many have referred to the show as “supernatural” or even described it as science fiction, but that doesn’t do it justice. It is so much more than that. The story of the show revolves around an individual who discovers she has incredible powers which allow her to travel through time and space. Using these abilities, she navigates through different periods in history to change the past, and thus altering our current understanding of reality.

The show follows this fictional character as she attempts to piece together how and why she was thrown into a coma for over half a decade before being found unconscious by paramedics. During her recovery, she not only finds out about her extraordinary gifts, but also learns something important about the world we live in today.

It’s hard to describe just how powerful The OA is without comparing it directly to other shows with similar themes. While it may be impossible to match the intensity of The OA when it comes to storytelling, there are several stories that can inspire you.

Netflix You

netflix show real estate

As we mentioned before, one of the great things about streaming services is that you can start from anywhere! It does not matter if you do not have cable or access to YouTube, there are always ways to get started.

Most major streaming service sites offer beginner packages with limited content so it is easy to begin watching. Many people begin by subscribing to a free trial period which allows them to determine whether this is something they want to keep.

There are many different streaming services out there so remember that not everyone uses the same site. What works for someone else may not be good for you! Try several out alone to see what feels best for you.

Netflix Ted Lasso

netflix show real estate

A few months back, we discussed how much of a great show The Office is because of its lovable cast. You may have noticed that some of these characters now have their own shows!

The first one to get his own show was Dwight Schrute, played by Rainer Bruschek. His show is called Afterbuzzer and it premiered in October 2018.

Dwight is still working at the office but he has been promoted up the ladder. He works under Steve (Martin Lewis) who runs the company’t marketing strategies.

Afterbuzzer follows Dwight as he tries to navigate through his career and life while staying true to himself and those close to him.

His best friend Carl deals with his recent marriage announcement while also trying to cope with his unborn child.

Other members of Dunder Mifflin include Ryan (Rob Lowe), Phyllis (Phoebe Smith), and Andy (Ed Helms). All three actors are given their time to shine in this comedy series.

With all of these great characters, there are many different stories we want to see told.


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