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This article will discuss reasons why social media is bad for students.

These reasons may not necessarily be a case of the technology being bad, but a case of people using it in a way that they should not.

You are more likely to commit a crime: Social media has made it so easy to act maliciously without having to hide the harm you are doing.

There are many different types of malicious activity that you can partake in by using social media.

Some of the malicious activities include:

  • posting personal information such as home addresses or social security numbers of others
  • hacking into people’s social media accounts to spread negative information
  • surreptitiously sending messages to minors
  • and posting negative comments about people

You are more likely to be depressed: Social media use is so addictive that it can lead to depression.

The social media site Instagram is a prime example of this.

In the last two years Instagram has seen a significant increase in the amount of users who attempt suicide or suffer from depression.

  • 47% (of all Instagram users) have attempted suicide in the last year
  • 11% (of all Instagram users) have attempted suicide in the past month
  • 10% (of all Instagram users) have attempted suicide within the past year
  • 25% (of all Instagram users) are thinking of killing themselves right now

This epidemic isn’t solely associated with Instagram. The amount of Americans who suffer from social anxiety is at an all time high.

Social media is the latest step in that social pressure

Sad man thinking

You will be less likely to get into college:

Social media has become one of the top criteria for universities to choose applicants for admission.

This has caused many colleges to have acceptance rates for top colleges that are lower than ever before. This is partially due to the more limited attention most students pay to their online activity.

You will be more likely to abuse drugs:

Every drug has its own chemical that makes the experience seem more enjoyable.

If you take a drug that you feel helps numb the pain of being anxious or depressed, you may be less able to process a situation that causes your social anxiety.

It is best to eliminate any drugs from your diet, especially drugs that affect your mood and your ability to concentrate.

You will be more likely to find the wrong person:

3.3million American adults are dealing with or have dealt with depression in a given year. It’s not a joke and most of the time you won’t realize that someone is dealing with it among other mental illnesses. It can be debilitating to the point where there’s days you can barely get out of bed. So be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what someone is going through.

If you post private information on social media, it may be tempting for someone to stalk you.

This is because there are various accounts that have contact information for students.

Some of the accounts are full of fake information, but there are some that have some positive posts about them.

If you don’t want to deal with the stalkers, you should deactivate any account that has contact information for you.

You will be more likely to get into a lot of trouble:

With the top reasons listed, you are more likely to commit a crime, get in trouble with the law, or become depressed or suicidal if you are on social media.

In one survey by Kaspersky Lab of 2,500 adolescents in the U.K., 23% of teenagers indicated that they have a list of friends and family who they would report if they found out that they were doing illegal or wrong things online.

These acts can include spreading false information, spreading harmful gossip, and even stealing other people’s photos or putting the wrong information on social media.

You are less likely to find someone:

You are less likely to meet the person you are interested in by talking to other people on social media.

This is because people tend to lie or are vague in their profile.

The information they share is likely to be either positive or negative and the truth is buried somewhere within that.

The other problem with social media is that it is generally not anonymous, meaning that people know exactly who you are and when you post.

You are more likely to feel isolated and alone:

I was with a friend next to Bercy in Paris. We shot a bit at night.

Social media is full of people doing the things you wish you could do. If you want to go out, post a photo on social media and wait for compliments.

You are less likely to do those things when you are feeling down because it is hard to start conversations.

You are less likely to connect with people:

When you feel alone and isolated, it can make it even harder for you to find people to relate to.

If you spend your time and energy on putting on a facade, you may feel like there are no real people behind those images.

It can be difficult to find friends and even more difficult to express what you are feeling.

The reason for social media use is twofold:

it allows people to create an online profile and it helps people share personal information that would not otherwise be shared.

But it has done both those things to the point that many of its users are experiencing feelings of extreme isolation, sadness, and fear.


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