Unstoppable, passionate, and incredibly versatile, Aleksandra Nalepa embodies the spirit of dance in raw form. A world-renowned dancer hailing from Poland, she has hurled herself beyond the realms of expectation, etching her unique legacy across the globe as she danced her heart out.

From representing Poland in numerous World and European Championships to delighting courtside spectators as a dancer for the San Diego Kings Basketball team, Nalepa’s repertoire of staggering achievements run as fluid as her moves. Schooled in the full spectrum of dance styles from hip-hop to ballet, she has not only graced the stage as a performer, but also emerged as an ace creator, lending her vision and artistry as a choreographer for dance festivals and films. Her relentless spirit and deep devotion to her craft has even won her collaborations with global behemoths like the Diavolo Dance Company.

Through all these multifaceted avatars, Nalepa remains steadfast in her pursuit of expression, telling soulful stories through electrifying dance moves and sweeping viewers into a rhythmic trance.

The pride of Poland

The journey of Aleksandra Nalepa to becoming a globally recognized dancer began in her home country of Poland. Her extraordinary talent made her a perfect representative of her country at the esteemed World and European Championships in Dance. Her multiple wins at these championships not only endorsed her exceptional skill, but also brought honor to Poland.

Nalepa fondly remembers, “Representing my country on the international level was one of the best things that have happened to me… My craft and art were appreciated, and I got the opportunity to show that I, a little girl from Poland, have the talent to represent a whole country.” These experiences have shaped her, instilling a deep-seated confidence in her abilities which has been instrumental in propelling her career forward.

She continued to accomplish great things for her country even beyond the championships, becoming a dancer for the Polish NFL league and participating in numerous music videos for well-known Polish artists. Nalepa’s crowning moment on home ground was performing on the illustrious stage of the Capitol theater in Wrocław – an experience that fortified her decision to pursue a career in dance. Numerous accolades and awards, notably being crowned the Polish National Champion in hip-hop Dance multiple times, only further validate her expertise and skill in the dance realm.

After making her mark in Poland, Nalepa ventured to the United States to broaden her horizons in studying dance at a university level. There, she was able to further explore and refine her art, eventually receiving her BFA in Dance from San Diego State University.

These early experiences and victories have served as the cornerstone for Nalepa’s continuing successful career in dance, with her representing not only herself but indeed her home country with grace, skill, and a determination to excel at every turn. Few can say their passion has led them to such international acclaim. Yet for Nalepa, the journey is only beginning, as she continues to strive for excellence in her craft, taking her awe-inspiring talent to new heights and onto renowned global stages.

Dancing beyond borders

Among her numerous accolades and experiences, Aleksandra Nalepa has had the prestigious opportunity to dance with globally recognized dance companies, most notably the Diavolo Dance Company. Fuelled by the desire to push the boundaries of conventional dance, Nalepa was drawn to Diavolo’s unique blend of dance, acrobatics, and architecture, an innovative approach that provided ample space for her to exert her versatility and physical prowess.

As Nalepa recalls, “In Diavolo, we were not only dancers but also acrobats, parkour athletes, and cirque performers.” The company pushed the limits of what she could achieve physically, requiring her to adapt her dancing skills to large architectural structures, defying both gravity and tradition in fluid motion. But it was not only the physical demands that challenged and enhanced her ability as a dancer, it was also the emotional vulnerability demanded by such projects as “S.O.S.”

“One of the stand out moments was working on the S.O.S project,” Nalepa recounts, referring to a showcase featuring US military veterans. The project was a beautiful convergence of paths, where veterans were able to express their stories of sacrifice and resilience through dance, finding healing and closure on the same stage. She explains, “sharing stories and being vulnerable with those incredible humans changed my life and perspective on sacrifice.”

Performing with Diavolo was more than just a new role for Nalepa; it was an experience steeped in companionship, emotional exploration, and artistic revelation. She learned the importance of interdependency in partnerships, the value of storytelling in dance, and the transcendence achieved when you push the boundaries of what you thought was possible with your craft. In many ways, her time with the Diavolo Dance Company demonstrated the expansive nature of dance, the importance of emotional connection, and provided her with experiences that have continuously informed her approach to her art.

Finding personal resonance through dancing

Aleksandra Nalepa’s dance journey can be traced through her comprehensive training background. Ranging from ballet and contemporary dance forms to the pulsating vigor of hip-hop, Nalepa’s association with the arts is an amalgamation of traditional rhythm and unorthodox experimentation. She nurtured her talents at renowned organizations like the San Diego State University and received first-hand experience from renowned dance visionaries like Shahar Binyamini and Joshua “Taiwan” Williams.

Nalepa’s eclectic training not only expanded her stylistic range but also enriched her creative approach. In her own words, Nalepa expresses the deep-rooted impact of her exposure to a less conventional dance genre – krump. Within this intense art form, she found an emotional refuge and an empowering creative outlet. “Krump gives freedom. It’s one of the styles that is so deeply rooted in the freestyle and battle world. It allows dancers to release pain and frustration. I feel free when I krump, and it enables me to channel the emotions that I sometimes cannot even identify,” she shares.

Her proficient athletic discipline, keen aesthetics, and innate ability to internalize stories through movement are a result of her diverse training experience. Nalepa’s education and subsequent internships with institutes like Stage 7 Ballet Studio and Millennium Dance Complex, as well as her training in the DIAVOLO Dance Company, enabled her to finely tune her craft while expanding her capabilities as a choreographer and performer.

Moreover, the digital dance production and media courses she pursued as part of her bachelors further broadened her scope and competence to produce visual narratives. It is in this intersection of dance and digital media that Nalepa has been able to steer her talents, resulting in directing and choreographing dance films, one of which was, notably, featured at the JJTC film festival.

Without a doubt, Aleksandra Nalepa’s widespread training has had a profound impact on her professional trajectory. It has provided her with the technical skills, artistic vocabulary, and creative agility that continue to equip her dynamic career. From representing Poland in World and European Championships to collaborating with globally renowned dance companies, her journey is a testament to the power of diverse learning experiences.

Aleksandra’s choreography and direction

Showing an impressive degree of versatility, Aleksandra Nalepa has brought her unique artistic vision not only to the world’s dance stages but also to the realm of creative direction. Just as her dancing skills see her glide fluidly through everything from hip-hop to ballet, her mind is also in constant motion. Filled with a riot of creative possibilities, she weaves her inspirations into dynamic choreography for music videos and moving dance films.

Nalepa defines her creative process not as work, but a lifestyle. “Every day, every second, and every move is art,” she shares with passion. This constant state of artistic engagement essentially turns her everyday life into an unending source of inspiration, ideas cropping up in the most unexpected moment. She documents her most intriguing thoughts, further building her library of creative seeds ready to bloom once called for a project.

When crafting pieces for music videos or dance films, Nalepa blends her collection of ideas with the emotion invoked by the music. It’s no typical process, rather a raw intuition-led journey. As she puts it, “I listen to the music and just start moving, seeing where my body naturally goes and then translating it to choreography, perfecting it.”

Her choreography for the NACHMO Dance festival and the direction of her dance film featured at the JJTC Film Festival underline her ability to translate thoughts into meaningful movements. Setting elaborate choreographies for pop artist CJ Pitts and Thulani Kachingwe, as well as Evita, a musical at Golden West College, speaks to her ability to create dance sequences that resonate with mainstream audiences while remaining true to her artistic integrity.

Passing the torch

While Aleksandra occupies the spotlight with grace and dynamic expression, behind closed doors, she plays an equally significant role – imparting her vast knowledge of dance and inspiring a new generation of artistic talent.

Aleksandra’s teaching philosophy aligns perfectly with her role as a mentor: she believes in the importance of nurturing young talent and sparking a love for the art of dance in others. “Being an educator is an absolutely necessary part of being an artist,” she shares. It’s not merely about teaching technique – it’s about instilling a deep-seated passion for the craft. For her, fostering this drive in young hearts is as fulfilling as performing on the world’s stages.

In addition to imparting technical mastery, Aleksandra believes in the significance of passing on her personal style to her students. Her wide repertoire of training in various dance styles, from hip-hop to ballet, gives her a unique signature style that she actively shares with her students. “As a mentor, I am able to not only pass on dance technique but also my own personal style. I can leave a legacy,” says Nalepa.

Throughout her illustrious career, Aleksandra has utilized her prominent standing in the dance industry to shed light on dance’s transformative power. In her role as an educator and mentor, Aleksandra not only contributes to the dance ecosystem by shaping future generations but ensures the art form’s longevity, demonstrating that her influence extends far beyond her personal accomplishments.

The intersection of modeling, acting, and dance

Aleksandra Nalepa has made a name for herself as a versatile artist, lending her talents not only to the world of dance but also to the realms of modeling and acting. These multidisciplinary experiences have played a significant role in her evolution as a performer, adding layers of depth and complexity to her dance repertoire.

Her experience as a model, for instance, has proved invaluable for her performances. The ability to portray various characters through physical movement and expression is a fundamental aspect of both modeling and dance. Nalepa herself states, “Being a model inspired me on multiple occasions in my dance career. Being able to pose and portray the character as a professional model helped me in those situations.” The physical discipline and confidence required in modeling have surely influenced Nalepa’s control and expression in her dance routines, enabling her to effortlessly manifest the creative director’s visions.

Her acting experience has also deeply impacted her dance craft. One of the critical facets of dance is the ability to tell a story or evoke an emotion with movements, a skill that closely parallels acting. Drawing from her acting experiences, Nalepa seeks to make her dance performances more relatable to viewers. She explains, “Acting makes my dancing more believable. It helps me to portray emotions and stories I want to pass on with my choreography. I am able to pour my art into not only movement but also facial expressions.” Hence, her acting prowess complements her dance, making her performances more emotive and immersive.

Immersing in America’s diverse dance culture

From choreographing innovative dance pieces to representing her adopted country on the world stage, Aleksandra Nalepa has fully embraced her life immersed in Los Angeles’ diverse dance culture. Profoundly influenced by her Polish roots and European dance training, she fused these with the diverse American dance styles to deliver performances that are dynamic, innovative, and culturally nuanced.

Reflecting on her decision to move to Los Angeles from her homeland, Nalepa shared, “Moving across the globe was one of the most terrifying, yet exciting, moments in my life. I knew I needed to show up. I attended every possible workshop, every class, even every event where I knew dancers would show up.” Her commitment to intensely immerse herself into the city’s dance scene eventually paid off. She began garnering recognition, and gradually, her presence in the hallowed circles of the city’s dancers became more profound.

In Los Angeles, Nalepa has actively contributed to the American dance scene. Perhaps most notable is her performance with the globally acclaimed Diavolo Dance Company on their Veterans Project S.O.S., as mentioned earlier, as well as her involvement with Snapsquad Dance Company where she was part of a future Netflix production alongside celebrated dancers like Tight Eyez and Konkrete.

As she integrated into the dance culture in Los Angeles, Nalepa used her expanding platform to positively affect the community. By sharing her experiences and skills through various inclusive dance workshops and being a part of dance performances with a broad impact, she helped dancers grow in their own artistry. “My mission is to uplift other dancers and create a ‘tribe’ where we can grow, create, and develop our artistry together,” she stated.

Looking into the future through Aleksandra’s eyes

Over the course of her vibrant career, Aleksandra Nalepa has captivated audiences worldwide with her expert blend of passion, rhythm, and creativity. Intriguingly, Nalepa is driven not just by the energy of the dance, but finds equal fascination in shaping the narrative that reverberates in each step.

Expressing her future endeavors and aspirations, she says, “I plan on becoming a creative director in the future. I envision curating shows that bring dance to the forefront, transforming it from mere spectacle to the pièce de résistance. Dance has a universal appeal, and everyone has a dancer nestled within them. My aim is to present dance in a way that is simple yet captivating – a move aimed at influencing a broader audience base.”

Nalepa’s ultimate pursuit is complex in its simplicity: to celebrate dance in its many forms and shades. This pursuit extends not just to live performance but also to dance on film. In line with this, she plans to establish a music video production company – a conduit for her passion for dance on camera. This endeavor aims to present dance as a central narrative tool, making for absorbing visual content that garners far-reaching appeal.

Furthermore, Nalepa seeks to share her unique approach to dance with the world. She is particularly driven to return to her roots in Poland and become a mentor to the upcoming generation of dancers. Through this endeavor, she wishes to sow seeds of her innovative dance techniques in the home soil, paving the way for fresh faces to represent and further enhance Poland’s rich dance culture.

With a trail of astounding achievements behind her – including her extensive training under globally sought-after organizations like Millennium Dance Complex and representation of Poland in World and European Championships – Aleksandra Nalepa is a name to look out for in global dance circles. Drawing from her diverse experience and wide array of training, there’s no doubt that her creative pursuits and future endeavors will shape the dance world for the better.


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