So, what is digital illustration used for? That’s a good question! Most people associate it with creating illustrations or graphic designs but that isn’t all it can be used for. It may also be referred to as comic art, cartooning, drawing, creative writing, picture telling, narrative painting, or just plain old storytelling.

The term “illustration” has become rather vague. Technically speaking, an illustration is any representation of something (or someone) separated from its context. A great example of this is taking a well-known person or thing and simply putting them in a scene or setting without including their name or identifying features. This creates an image or depiction of those characteristics.

Digital artists use analogies such as this one when talking about how they create images. Many times, instead of using a model or reference photo, they will take inspiration from things around them or events in their life and translate that into imagery. This process is then refined and polished until it feels natural and illustrative.

Using digital technology, artists are able to manipulate shapes, colors, and textures more easily than ever before. This allows for much greater creativity and expression, as well as faster editing processes. All of these contribute to making your artwork look professional and defining your artistic style.

There are many ways to get into the field of digital illustration.

History of digital illustration

what is digital illustration used for

Before there were apps that you could make your own cartoons or illustrations, people made them by hand! Drawing with a pencil is an art form that has been around for centuries now. Technology has advanced to such a level now that it can facilitate the creation of beautiful artwork in ways never possible before.

Tracing paper, pens, and Photoshop are some of the most common tools used for creating digital illustrations. Artists use these devices to add detail, texture, and shape to their creations. Computers have become more intuitive over time, so using them does not require formal training to be done properly.

There are many fields where digital illustrators work today. This article will go into depth about what types of designs they create, how they are trained, and what positions they exist in. But first, let’s take a look at history!


In ancient times, drawing was done mostly with graphite or charcoal and water. If you look back through time, you will find lots of pictures and sculptures which contain very little color. Only later would artists begin experimenting with colors.

The next major development in drawing came during the Renaissance when artists began exploring proportion, composition, and chiaroscuro (or light and dark toned areas). During this era, most drawings looked similar because few artists experimented much with styles.

Artists from this period are considered masters due to their ability to apply basic artistic principles effectively.

Platforms for digital illustration

what is digital illustration used for

Many artists use digital illustration as a way to earn money by creating illustrations or designs online. Users of these sites can create, edit, or find new creations in you, the artist.

Some of the more popular platforms where people create digital art are:

* Manga studio

You get access to all of the tools and features needed to create your own manga (Japanese comic books) with this app-based site. There are even some that offer a free account so you can experiment!

* Canva

Canva is an easy tool to use that allows you to make logos, flyers, and other marketing materials. You can easily save your work as PDF files and then edit them later if need be.

* Inkdrop

This one is kind of tricky to describe. But basically, you pick a style, start drawing, and it quickly gets made into something beautiful! This app has gotten very popular due to its versatility.

There are no limitations to what you can do within the app, and you don’t have to pay extra to add textures or styles. It is completely free to use.

Drawing techniques

what is digital illustration used for

A drawing is any shape that you can describe, using lines or patterns. Artists have been doing drawings for centuries!

Digital artists use various drawing styles to create illustrations. These are called graphical styles or digital illustration styles.

Some of these drawing styles include:

* Comic strip style
* Cartoonist style
* Silhouette style
* Photorealism

All of these styles require some sort of perspective, proportion, and emphasis. Perspective uses what angle your view comes from in relation to the object being drawn to determine how far away it looks. Proportion refers to how much of the object gets included in the frame or area of the picture. And emphasis is whether something about the object (like its hairstyle) stands out more than other parts.

These concepts apply when designing an illustration at all levels- from choosing which colors to use to where the image goes in media.

Color design

what is digital illustration used for

In color theory, there are two main types of colors that we often talk about when discussing color schemes. These are called analogous and complementary colors.

Analogous colors look similar to each other. For example, red is analogical to orange, yellow, and green. All three of these colors are described as being in the same family or group.

Complementary colors differ from each other more than they do their own group. For instance, blue and white are opposite ends of the spectrum — they are not only different tones but they are also paired together very little at times.

When using complementary colors it can seem like you have run out of ideas for palette choices. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it creates an interesting contrast! When used properly, complimentary colors make for beautiful designs.

Color scheme recipes use large amounts of both complements and parallels to create new shades. Technically speaking, these are referred to as “anaglyphic” colors since you mix them with lenses to view them as shapes and textures.

However, most people just refer to them as complimentaries or parallels instead.

Digital painting

what is digital illustration used for

Another form of digital illustration is called digital painting. This does not have to be realistic, but it must contain illustrations! Artists use this technique for creating still life scenes or landscapes that are totally abstract.

Landscapes can also be designed to look like real-life environments or things that go along with the theme of the piece. For example, if the artist was designing an ocean scene, there could be waves, seagulls, and other marine animals in the picture as well.

Still lifes are usually composed of one thing only, such as a bottle, flower, or food item. An interesting way to add depth to your paintings is by adding shadows. By putting bright lights next to each other, shades can be created.

These types of styles are very popular these days and can be found anywhere from YouTube to Instagram to Vlogs. Many people create their own artistic designs using this technique!

If you want to try out some digital painting yourself, you do not need any experience! There are many free resources available online where you can start practicing.

Photo illustration

what is digital illustration used for

When you create digital illustrations, there are many ways to go about it. You can use computer software such as Photoshop or other drawing apps to develop your craft. The term ‘illustration’ is used very loosely these days, so anything that resembles an illustrative style is considered digital art.

There are two main types of digital artwork that fall under this category- photo illustration and graphic design. A few examples of each:

* A still life painting with milk and bread pieces
* An abstract shape using different shades of gray

Both of these styles look like they were painted by a professional artist, which makes them powerful designs.

By incorporating some elements into digital graphics, we gain more flexibility in how we can apply our skills. This allows us to express ourselves more freely!

And while people may not agree on what defines an artistic work, one thing is for sure – if someone could tell you who the creator was of a piece, then it has enough impact to be considered art.

Product illustrations

what is digital illustration used for

Another way to include digital illustration in your creative repertoire is as product illustrations or advertising designs. Creating attractive, detailed pictures of products or concepts is an excellent way to add some polish to your design skills.

Digital artists create these picture layouts by first creating a template with shapes and backgrounds that they then place images onto. These background and image types are then adjusted to fit the designed layout.

Many people start off doing this as a side hobby, but it can also be a great career if you are good at it! There are many ways to make money online through designing such as YouPorn,, and


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