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If you don’t want to be mediocre then why do you want to be the best at everything?

Why do you want to be the best in the business, sports, video games, fashion, blogging, dating game, art, poetry, sex, the passion?

Do you want to be the best in every field you touch?

Dancer: Sydney Zmrzel Whenever I do a photo session with a dancer, I try to shoot some of our photos at the beach. California has some of the most beautiful beaches. Taking a dancer in their costume out of the studio and stage into the beautiful nature is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer. There is something magical about the ocean and I hope a hint of it will show up in my photos of these amazing dancers I get to work with.

Here is the problem, you want to be the best at everything but you will not be the best at everything.

You will not be the best at everything in your chosen field of interest because you will never experience everything.

You will only experience the surface. The surface of everything you touch.

In every field of interest, you will not know everything because you will never touch every field of interest.

The best fighter in the world will never face the hardest puncher, the best scientist will never face the darkest criminal, the best chef will never make the most dangerous meal, the best lawyer will never make the most dangerous enemy, and so on.

In every field, you will know a small part of what others know

You will be like the nice man with a good heart who can only hold doors for others but will never have the door opened for him, the good police officer who only stops the bad guys but will never face the bad guys and so on.

You will never encounter everything you touch. You will always walk away from a situation after only touching a very small part of what the moment is all about.

Everything you touch is a small part of an infinite landscape. The important thing is to appreciate every moment.

To appreciate every moment is to know the unknowable and to allow that unknowable to be for you is to be alone and yet not alone.

Alone in the full sense of the word.

Alone in the sense that you know you are not alone, in the sense that all moments are connected, in the sense that everything exists but only certain moments do, in the sense that time passes but only certain moments exist.

Think about this for a moment

Dancing in the shadow

We are in the midst of this beautiful universe that you touch.

It is a gorgeous universe but you will only walk in its beauty a tiny fraction of the time, so when you experience it you know a part of it, and when you experience it you know a part of it, but we must remember that a part of it is infinite and a part of it is not infinite.

An infinite universe is only a point in a mathematical representation of the stuff of eternity.

We have a universe that exists forever and a universe that will end.

We have a universe that is only one week long and another universe that exists in the same moment of time but you have yet to experience it.

The possibility is within you, you just have not seen it.

To understand the unknowable is to experience the full sense of the word. The unknowable is the only thing you know, the only thing you have experienced.

To look around and know nothing but to live in the true sense of the word is the greatest experience.

We know the worst possible thing is death. We have not experienced the second possible worst possible thing, which is an eternity separated from the thing we know as life.

The worst thing we know is the nothingness that follows death

Photo of doctor checking on her patient

Eternity is a place you can’t go and at that moment there is no choice, there is nothing to hold you back, there is no place you could go to, no bridge you could cross, no mountain you could climb, no store you could buy food in, no other people you could be with, no fire you could jump into, no animal you could ride.

At this moment there is nothing.

The full meaning of the word is in the experience of the possibility of the unknowable.

The full meaning of the word is in the nothingness in between the known and the unknown.

The universe is a world of possibility and you have access to that possibility.

To experience the full meaning of the word is to know the unknowable.

You can walk from here to there and back again but the only thing you can’t walk through is what you already know.

The best thing you can do for those in front of you is to help them to know the unknown, to help them to know what you already know.

To find the best way is to find the path that the light always shines the brightest through.

The highest peak is not always in the highlands. Sometimes it is in the lowlands.

There is nothing to see that is not here. There is no point to searching for that which already exists in the vastness.

The greatest gifts are given to those who open themselves to them.


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