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In the last two decades or so, society has become more demanding of productivity.

With smartphones, social media, and other gadgets, it is easier than ever to multitask at the drop of a hat.

Pursuing a “work hard and play hard” lifestyle is not the only way to succeed as an individual, but it is a means to becoming the successful individual you wish to be.

When you become truly productive, you can’t take a moment for granted

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If you have time off, you have the opportunity to reflect. If you have the opportunity to do something that makes you feel good, you make the time.

It is a common quote that we need to take the time to take care of ourselves because when we do, we are more likely to succeed as an individual.

You don’t have to work at a job for a long time to become the type of person who is productive in both the workplace and the community.

By learning to focus, work smart and embrace a time to rest, you will become the type of person who can give back to your community as well as your company.

For example, one great way to be productive in the workplace is to create time each day to write.

With deadlines and customer interactions, writers are often required to be constantly creative.

By creating time to write each day, you can gain a sense of what you are truly capable of.

In addition to writing, you can also go on a walk. Many people find that exercise is a great stress reliever, which can help you to become more productive.

Getting exercise in your daily routine can help keep your mind focused.

If you can’t do any of these things, at least do these things. You will get more done in less time.

Defining productivity

First, a definition.

Productivity is how many things you can do in a given amount of time.

In my definition, I define productivity as how many things we can get done in an hour.

This is very important because most of us get stressed and angry when we don’t get as much accomplished as we would like to.

Let’s take a look at what we can do in an hour:

Two middle age business workers smiling happy and confident. Working together with smile on face hand giving high five at the office

  • Get dressed
  • Set the table
  • Get the kids dressed and fed
  • Get them off to school
  • Get out the door and to work or school on time
  • Read and reply to emails
  • Set goals or write a to-do list for the day
  • Go to the gym Do fun things with the kids or friends
  • Do errands Clean the house
  • Do your taxes
  • Send a birthday card/birthday card
  • Write your weekly or monthly goals
  • Resume a job
  • Search for a new job

And that’s just your morning.

Of course, there are other things we can do in an hour, but these are the ones that I listed for your easy reference.

When you see these tasks on your calendar or your Google calendar, you are planning for your entire day. If you don’t plan your whole day, then you are not being productive.

In fact, if you’re just taking on too many tasks without knowing which ones to do when, you are wasting your time and your employees’ time.

Why is that?

As your boss, you can either create a set of objectives for your business or you can create a list of projects and tasks to complete within a certain amount of time.

If you use the former, then you are more likely to be productive. But if you use the latter, then you are just adding more stress.

To be productive, you must first define the goal.

Then, you must ask yourself if each item on your list needs to be done at that time. If so, do it now.

Do not let other people or projects dictate what you do or do not do.

So, is this the definition that you use to define productivity? If so, then you are moving in the right direction.

However, you can always add more to your definition to see where you are as a person.

How to improve productivity

A picture of my desktop at my workplace, Porpoise. I love technology and coffee, and I have access to both all day at work!

As you have seen in the example above, most of us want to get more done and get our jobs done faster.

But, what are some things that we can do to improve our productivity?

Be organized

Your daily habits will make or break you as a person and a business. For example, one of the biggest challenges we all face is organization.

To be organized, you must be able to prioritize and de-clutter.

For example, how many times a day do you get to work on your goals? How often do you actually complete them?

Do you do something every day that makes you more organized, or do you work so much that you forget your daily priorities?

When we can’t be organized, we waste time trying to get things organized.

And then, we become more and more stressed out as the day goes on.

It’s as if we think that we are going to fail if we don’t get the things done that we need to get done.


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