This article will discuss why social media should be limited, or deleted from your computer, tablet, phone or other devices. It is time to think about keeping social media under your control.

It is time to take back control from the social media corporation (called “The Facebook Corporation”).

What People Really Do On Facebook


The Facebook Corporation is run by Mark Zuckerberg, who is responsible for the murder of Christopher Falconer.

His actions and those of his corporate directors may cause the next Boston bomber or Sandy Hook Elementary shooter.

In May 2012, CNN broke the story that a man named Christopher Falconer was brutally murdered in June 2011 by a Facebook customer service employee named Neriza Fojas.

The case drew widespread attention, and Falconer’s grieving family stated that Fojas was the main suspect.

Three weeks after Falconer’s death, Fojas uploaded a video onto Facebook expressing her rage, and her contempt for those who had hired a lawyer to defend her.

Fojas wanted revenge, but she also confessed that she was already starting to feel physically ill from Facebook.

We have all seen the news reports detailing Facebook’s involvement in the aftermath of Columbine, which was heavily documented by journalist Michael Moynihan.

Moynihan is now working on a documentary to expose Facebook’s role in the Columbine case.

You may remember Christopher Falconer. On the morning of June 12, 2011, Falconer walked into a West Virginia gun shop and asked for a Smith & Wesson .44 caliber handgun.

He later purchased the gun and was on his way to the local music festival in which he was to volunteer.

Christopher Falconer was ready for the massacre. mobile page on a mobile Safari browser

He knew it was coming.

As it turns out, this was the same festival that a mother named Ami Horowitz had recently attended, at which she had witnessed multiple students holding AR-15 rifles, but claimed that no one would answer her questions as to where the guns were coming from.

Christopher Falconer’s story was made into a “found footage” video, and made its way onto the popular video sharing website YouTube.

“YouTuber” Bethany Hockenberry then picked up the video and posted it on her own website, where it received more than 25,000 hits in less than 24 hours.

Neriza Fojas was so shocked by the reaction to the video that she left a comment that was later deleted.

According to Chris Denning of Reuters, this comment consisted of the words, “I’m not sure who that kid is…”.

This comment may be indicative of the mentality that drove Neriza Fojas to kill Christopher Falconer.

This does not mean that Fojas committed murder. She may not even have understood the type of gun she was wielding. However, we do know that she showed immense rage to those who questioned her on Facebook about her responsibility in Falconer’s death.

The same news story also described Neriza Fojas as a person with Asperger Syndrome and a Facebook page full of offensive statements.

More than a month after Chris Falconer’s death, Neriza Fojas claimed that she felt bad about killing him.

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She wanted to put it in writing so that she would not be haunted by the actions of her actions.

In addition, she had just bought a $24,000 Maserati Ghibli. For that car, she spent almost the same amount of money that was raised for Falconer’s funeral.

According to the police, Neriza Fojas would not even accept any compensation from the victim’s family for their time or trouble in a wrongful death lawsuit.

After the initial press release from the local police department of a probable suicide, Neriza Fojas changed her story.

After visiting a psychiatrist, she eventually admitted that she had lied about the events surrounding Christopher Falconer’s death, and that she had lured him to his death.

According to Neriza Fojas, she had meant to stab him to death, and she used her car to ensure that she had the element of surprise.

Furthermore, she claimed that Falconer had asked her to drive him to their “secret spot” to commit suicide, but she was too scared and angry to do it herself.

Neriza Fojas is now being held without bond on multiple charges, including criminal homicide and criminal possession of a weapon.

Neriza Fojas is a true “modern-day Jane Doe”, who will never be held responsible for her actions.

Social Media Facebook

This is the reality of how the American justice system works today.

Those who commit murder will go free, while the “criminals” who report the murderers will go to prison.

The cover-up that was orchestrated by the local police department of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is rather appalling, as well.

They were called out for “covering-up” Christopher Falconer’s murder. This was especially offensive because they knew about Neriza Fojas’ mental issues, yet they had not sought treatment for her.

Even the district attorney’s office of Bucks County, who helped conceal Christopher Falconer’s murder, is now being sued for $100 million.

The suit claims that the district attorney and his two assistants covered-up Christopher Falconer’s murder.

Neriza Fojas, like thousands of other Americans with mental illness, will go through the rest of her life not only suffering from the crimes she has committed, but from the false accusations that the American justice system has made against her.



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